Friday, July 31, 2009

Make This Weekend Special w/ your WHO!

Friendships are as vital to our dreams as food and water are to our bodies. It makes a difference when you show people you care. I know, because it makes a big difference to me when someone cares for me. Dad passed away 9 years ago and Mom followed. Our homes were only 3 blocks apart, and we enjoyed a wonderful, loving relationship. My mom would often call to see how I was doing. I didn’t know how much I enjoyed her checking up on me until there were no more calls.

This weekend I want to encourage you to make the extra effort to celebrate, encourage, and help others. When you step out and do it you will find that it can establish bonds of friendship that will last you a lifetime.
It’s an investment that's never wasted!

Ten fun ideas for this weekend:
1. Invite one of your WHO friends that you haven’t been with in awhile out for coffee or lunch.
2. Invite new and old WHO friends over for a BBQ at your house! Burgers, hotdogs, your favorite special item you grill!!
3. Take a WHO friend to a major league or minor league ball game, buy them a baseball hat, get nachos, and crackerjacks!
4. Get a WHO friend and go workout together or take a class together at a local college.
5. Get another couple and join a Salsa class or go C&W dancing.
6. Get a group together and go bowling!
7. Go play Frisbee Golf! You remember…
8. Be the kind of friend that others can lean on this weekend when they need loyalty, helpful advice, and encouragement. Be that special person who reaches out with an extended hand of friendship when they need it the most! Help that new neighbor move in, carry boxes, or maybe just listen and give encouragement through a loss of a parent, a troubled relationship.
9. Give your time at a local nursing home! Put in flowers in their flowerbeds, read and hug as many there as you can!
10. Be silly: Read the comics, wrestle with your kids, stop at Dunkin Donuts, play in the pool, hit some golf balls, wash your car, get a snow cone, get a library card, and laugh so hard until you cry!

Oh to have a “Who Friend” when life gets all tangled up. Go deep not wide. Be Transformational !!! Life is short, SO HAVE FUN!

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