Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reach Out & Help A Friend Today!

Kevin Spacey starred in a motion picture called Pay It Forward, playing a high school teacher who assigned each student in his class to think of a way to make a significant impact in the lives of others. He challenged them to come up with ideas on how their class could change the world for the better.

One of the students presented a simple, yet profound idea that required everyone in the class to perform three unconditional acts of kindness for a total stranger with the only stipulation being that the recipient would go and do the same thing for three other people. The concept was to “pay it forward,” thereby creating an exponential effect that would change the world for the better.

It’s basically the same concept we have seen or experienced at sporting events called the “wave.” A group of people stand up and throw their arms in the air then sit back down. The “pay it forward” concept kicks in as the next group of people repeats the process. On and on it goes as the “wave” undulates all around the stadium. You can have the same effect on your world as you look for opportunities to be a giver who creates special moments for others. You have the power to start a “wave” that just might go around the world. But remember, you don’t start a “wave” with the person on the other side of the stadium. You start with the person right next to you!

I want to challenge you on two fronts:

1. What if we started this today with the people we know-Our WHO! Each of us knows 1 person who is vulnerable-lost their job or is in a crisis. Remember . . . the times in your life when others were “moment makers” for you. Perhaps it was someone who helped you through a difficult passage in your life or got you that important interview or hired you when no one else would or gave you a great reference— “just because.”

2. Step outside your comfort zone, even when it’s seemingly inconvenient and be a “moment maker." Reach out and help a friend today!

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