Thursday, July 2, 2009


With unemployment rising each month, there are 14.5 million people that are desperately seeking employment. Who are these people? Do we care? Of course we do! They’re our friends, our Dad’s, daughters, uncles, & neighbors.  There’s one song they’re singing and we all know the words. What is it?  Yeah that’s right--The Beatles, “Help! I need somebody.”  But do you remember the next line?  “Help not just anybody!”  “Who Friends” are not just anybody. They’re your special “somebody.”


There are several reasons you don’t want to go to just “Anybody” to get the help you need:


·         Anybody doesn’t really care about your dream, so don’t waste your time asking them for help.

·         Anybody isn’t reliable. They usually give advice that’s convenient and helpful for them rather than useful to you.

·         Anybody doesn’t know you personally, so they are too  busy with their own agenda to stop and help you.


So, don’t ask just “Anybody” for help. The person you want to ask is a “Who” friend. “Who” friends are not just “Anybody,” they’re your special“Somebody.”


·         Somebody really does care about you and your dream and has the power and willingness to help you.

·         Somebody is reliable. They are willing to take the time and effort to mentor, guide, and assist you in every way they can.

·         Somebody knows you personally, likes you, and will make the time to help you.


Each of us knows one person who is vulnerable today! So I want to challenge you on two fronts:


1. Remember . . . the times in your life when others were “moment makers” for you. Perhaps it was someone who helped you through a difficult passage in your life or got you that important interview or hired you when no one else would or gave you a great reference— “just because.”

2. Step outside your comfort zone, even when it’s seemingly inconvenient, to be a “moment maker” for others.



By the way---don’t deprive Your WHO the joy of helping you!


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