Sunday, January 4, 2009

It’s Not “What” but “Who” That Will Change Your Life This Year!

Welcome to Your “Who” Blog! I hope this becomes a regular thing for you and me and we become trusted friends! I will give you exclusive insight from my experience as CEO of one of the major executive recruiting firms in the country Eastman and Beaudine. I will offer practical solutions on what every job hunter; college graduate and businessperson needs to know about developing deep connections with the friends in your life who actually want to help you succeed. Take a look at what is in the USA Today on December 17th about the jobless.

Here is a thought to consider for the New Year.

* The “What” in life – what you want and what you have done – will take you only so far. Eventually you will come to a chasm you cannot cross without someone’s help.

* People are “bridges” you must cross to get where you want to go – that is the “Who” I am talking about. Understand that your “What” will never come into play until your “Who” brings you across. So ask yourself, should you spend all your precious time studying, researching and meditating on the “What” without having a plan for the “Who?” No! Go deep with your friendships this year – not wide! Your “Who” are the people that truly know and care about you, far more authentic than the masses of names that people attain passing out business cards to strangers and through online social links. Be transformational – not transactional.

By using the strategy, I outline in my new book The Power of WHO you will discover:

· a revitalization and reconnection with authentic relationships

· a reigniting of your dreams

· and a career and life path based on your passions

I show that with just a few slight course corrections you can alter the trajectory of your life … or even better, someone else’s.

You Got “Who!” ™
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Bob Beaudine


  1. Per Steve Koss I looked at your fascinating new blog and book
    - which I will buy.

    The missing step in establishing value from, with and for others
    is not "going slow to go fast"
    to find the specific way you can be of value to another person,
    at least once, before then
    speaking to the Sweet Spot of Mutual Benefit
    - the way you can accomplish something greater
    together than you can on your own.

    After another person can trust that you will
    look at for them, as well as for "us" (that person and you)
    then that person is less likely to be interested in helping you.

    That mindset is going to be especially valuable in these volatile times.

    Once someone has helped you several times
    and appears to look out for opportunities for you
    or for you and them, then the "tit for tat" wariness
    tends to subside and camaraderie and desire to help
    comes into play.

    That's what the research on gut instincts, games theory and decision making seems to show.

    I know, first hand, that when someone first offers to help me in some way, they wind up being much more appreciative, valuable and adept at mutuality - collaboration, partnering, cross-consulting etc.

    That's why, after years as a Wall Street Journal reporter, I've become interested in proven methods and success stories for accomplishing something greater with others than one can alone - and writing about it in the blog, Moving From Me to We.

    I'd be so interested in your ideas on this after writing Power of Who, Bob.

  2. In my observation to reach tier III below requires The Power of Who.

    Tier I - making a difference (self stage)
    Tier II - working with people who want to make a difference (sharing stage)
    Tier III - doing something that makes a difference (significance stage)

    With the spirit of the Apollo 13 Principle and passion working in Tier III magic happens. “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” -- African Proverb, quoted by Al Gore in his Nobel Prize for Peace Lecture.