Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Do What You Love

By Bob Beaudine CEO and Owner of Eastman-Beaudine and Author of The Power of Who

All across the nation, we have heard cries for "Change!" Leadership change, economic change, social change, you name it–we want to change it! But interestingly, the process and strategy we are currently using to find jobs -- needs changing! We need to take everything we have ever heard or learned about "Networking" and just throw it out. That is right. Throw it out…as in jettison, dump, expel, and cast out, in other words… Fuh-ged-aboud-it! I can make such a radical statement because, based on my 20 plus years in the executive recruiting business as the CEO of Eastman and Beaudine.

I can unequivocally tell you that: "Networking" as we know it is crap! It does not work!

This year do something better for yourself:

· Forget traditional networking
· Friends get you jobs you want
· Go where your celebrated not just tolerated
· Find jobs that ignite your passion
· What you love is a major clue

Doing what you Love is one of the most essential components of finding your dream. One of the great disconnects of life, a truly monumental error people commonly make is not allowing love to direct their course. You may be surprised to discover you already know someone who can open a door for you -- someone who likes you enough to act as a bridge for you.

Remember, Reach-out and Re-Connect.

Use the authentic circle of people that care about you -they will truly want to help you. This is your "Power of WHO”. And with CHANGE, comes HOPE.

For a plan to allow you to “Do What You Love” — go to check out my book at it is available now.

You Got "Who" ™

Bob Beaudine

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  1. I was so engrossed in the book the FIRST time I read it, I didn't put it down until I was done. Even though networking is a key aspect of my business, the book made me see and think differently. It helped me 'quantify and qualify' the people who I could turn to and forced me to really evaluate my WHO. Given the times we are in, The Power of Who is a much needed tool to help anyone and everyone push their lives forward. A special addition to any person's library!!