Sunday, January 25, 2009

What’s Holding You Back? You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know!

We need the key relationships we've been given to get us moving toward our Dreams & Goals!

By Bob Beaudine CEO and Owner of Eastman-Beaudine and Author of The Power of Who

"Fear Factor in the Workplace." The New York Times editors recently stated this when they reported that the economy lost 524,000 jobs in December, raising unemployment to 7.2 percent. Now more than 10 million Americans are unemployed. These anxieties are transforming the workplace. We need a new plan because it's way too depressing and frustrating to have dreams, goals, and a vision for where you want to go but no way to get there--or even an inkling of how to get started.
One of the most important "Job Advice Tip's" you need to know Right NOW is that "You Already Know Everyone You Need To Know" to get that job you desperately need. Before you balk at the simplicity of that statement, let it sink in a bit. I'm telling you it’s true! Most of us haven't taken advantage of all that's available. We're going through life with the misconception that our Job Search can be accomplished without any help from others. Pity the person who thinks they don't need coaches, teachers, mentors, parents, or friends to help advise them.

  • The fact is: You and I need the special relationships we've been given not only to get that unique job we’re seeking but also to thrive in this impossible world. Don't attempt to live life on your own. Get off the "Lone Ranger" treadmill. Running harder and faster all alone is clearly not a good strategy.
  • What if each of us had been given key relationships in our lives that have been specifically placed there to help us in ways we never imagined? And what if those special people were not just happenstance acquaintances but were, instead, strategic relationships meant to be actively involved in helping us find that place in life we always dreamed about? Could it be that we've missed the simplicity behind this mysterious thing called destiny? What if the real problem of finding your dream or achieving that goal isn't about who you don't know, but whom you've neglected?
  • One of the greatest mistakes in business today is that most people never reach out for help, never lean on their "Who" in times of need. “Who” friends undergird you with a power you don't have on your own. They'll ask their "Who" to help you get where you want to go. They'll open doors for you that you couldn't open alone and get you connected—that’s the strength you gain with The Power of WHO!
What’s holding you back from reaching out to your “Who” -- the people that can truly help you? Do you know who these people truly are? Start with your circle of greatest influence--your 12-3-1. Your 12 friends, 3 closest and 1 best friend. Reach-Out to them this week and set a time to get together and Re-Connect. Let me know how it goes. When you do life with friends--everything gets better! Let me hear your thoughts on why you cannot connect with your Who by posting your comments at my blog at Give me your questions so that I can show you some answers.

You Got "Who" ™

Bob Beaudine


  1. I read your book and I have decided to re-connect with some of the important "Who" in my life.
    I wrote a review of this book on my blog.

  2. Janette,

    Thanks for sharing let us know how the reconnecting goes.