Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NACDA Literature Review on-- The Power of WHO!

By: Mark Sandy-Director of Athletics, Eastern Kentucky University

Bob Beaudine is a nationally recognized sports/entertainment search executive. His first book delivers a powerful and pure message. Through thought-provoking insight and marvelous stories, he paints a picture to which everyone can relate.

This book is not a how-to or cookie-cutter approach. It does not ask you to take lots of notes of prescribe to an outline or artificial manipulation of date. It asks you to do a relationship evaluation. Who do you know, who will help you achieve your dreams and goals, and who are your best “Who?” You will be intrigued with the description of Bob’s life and how he is constantly connecting, not in a random way, but with a sincere desire to help others.

Bob lives and breathes this message. His passion for information and his willingness to assist others sets this book apart from other self-evaluation and self help books. By identifying and nurturing your closest and most powerful “Who” you can transform your way of life, reach your full potential and be a happier person. I have shared “The Power of Who” with several people on my “Who” list. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive and their sincere appreciation for receiving the gift made me feel good. I suggest you read this book soon. It can transform your journey.

***13 Universities so far have given "The Power of Who" as a graduation gift to senior student-athletes! If you know a graduating senior, this could be a transformational gift in these tough economic times!

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