Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Who" Do You Know? Shari Sharman Power of Who Advocate!

Posted by Sheri Sharman on her blog.
You Got "Who" ™
Bob Beaudine

Sheri Sharman went from being a broke single mom who taught pre-school to becoming one of the most successful women in Network Marketing history. As a pre-school teacher, Sheri quickly learned that she had a passion for teaching and helping others. She incorporated this passion into her Network Marketing career and has since coached tens-of-thousands of people on personal development, image, building confidence, finding joy, earning more money, and creating one's desired lifestyle. Sheri has been a top income earner in every company she has participated in. She has broken numerous sales records for both personal and team production, and she earned multi-millionaire status early in her career. In 2009, she will celebrate twenty two years of success as a network marketing professional. She is an expert at building sales teams.

The Power of “Who”.There is a book with that exact title, The Power of WHO written by Bob Beaudine. In this book Mr. Beaudine talks about the importance of friendships and how vital they are to our dreams and success. I totally agree with him that true friendships are based on love, loyalty and mutual respect with no strings attached. I thought it was very interesting that if you have 100 friends and I have 100 friends…most would think that between the two of us we would have 200 friends. But that is the wrong answer, it would be 10,000! It’s exponential. In this book he explains how each of the people in our circle of friends has great influence with their circle of friends. He explains that our friends are pre-wired with a strong desire to help us.For those of you that have attended any of our current trainings with MVP University or any that Buck Reed and I have taught throughout the years you will feel like you are hearing something very familiar. We have referred to it as “digging” and working with your warm market. In today’s economy it is so important to reconnect to people and to reach out to others by using today’s online tools to speed up your relationship building.I myself have become more familiar with LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as blogging just to name a few ways to stay connected and to build on your relationships and establish new ones with social networks.

To Your Success,
Sheri Sharman

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