Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Power of WHO: Moving from Transactional to Transformational Live Webinar 3/20/09 12:00 pm EST/11 am CT/9am PT

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You Got "Who" ™
Bob Beaudine

Bob Beaudine dubbed by Sports Illustrated as the "top front-office matchmaker in sports" and author of the Power of Who 3/20/09 12:00 pm EST/11 am CT/9am PT

The Power of WHO: Moving from Transactional to Transformational Live Webinar with Q&ABob Beaudine

Beaudine will use two decades of experience to turn conventional wisdom about networking on its head, showing you how to creatively utilize your connections, and the connections of your connections to get ahead. But not just any connections - Your "Who!" This Webinar is about more than just relationships. It forces you to look inside yourself and it challenges your conventional thinking.

What You Will Learn
Bob will teach you how to spend time with your network and get to know them. Why? "Because most people are hired by people who know them personally, or were recommended by a trusted friend," says Beaudine. "People who don't know us could care less, and are likely to be mostly unresponsive." Specifically, you will learn:

1. Traditional Networking Doesn't Work--Friends Help You Get Business,
2. How the 100/40 Strategy Works,
3. Spheres of Influence,
4. How to Implement a Personal Board of Directors;
5. The key to success--being a Moment Maker.

Who Should Participate
This Webinar is for everyone who yearns to smash a sales record, improve their career, or just wants a richer life. Specifically, senior executives of Talent Management, Leadership Development, and Human Resources Development functions should take notice of this Webinar to introduce the topic inside of your organization.

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