Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Power of Who - Response to a Fan!

By Bob Beaudine CEO and Owner of Eastman-Beaudine and Author of The Power of Who
Many have been asking me for stories of how The Power of WHO has changed lives. The stories I get are truly amazing, just look at the story below. If you have WHO stories please share them with me so that I can share these with others. Who knows it may end up on my blog or we may run into each other someday soon.

You Got "Who" ™
Bob Beaudine

My name is D Diana and I am a sales & marketing executive in the large 401K and Pension Plan industry. In April of 2008 I was laid off from a company I had spent 8 years at. It took me by suprise but I quickly got on my feet connected with a few of my contacts in the industry and landed a job at another firm in September of 2008. It was not my dream job and quite frankly at a much lower level and lower pay scale than I was used to. I think I took the job just for the security of it and to have a job. From the moment I started I knew it was a mistake and things just went sideways from there. My management team was let go in early December and I was laid off in mid-february of 2009. Wow twice in a year. I was not sure how to handle that and what my next possible step would be. My husband came home one day and told me that he heard this guy on the radio that just wrote a book called the Power of WHO. He explained at a high level that this book basically talks about how you need to surround yourself with people you like and like you. It sounded interesting so I thought about it for another month or so and then went and picked up the book at Barnes & Noble. By the way they only had 1 copy in the entire store and it was not east to find.
I started reading the book and slowly but surely finished it. I purposely wanted to take my time reading because I wanted to absorb all of it. I loved it and out of all of the books that I have read ( and you name it I have read all the "business books" you can imagine) this had so many applications. Way beyond my expectations and clearly concepts that I will use in my everyday life.
I have already started to put into practice the Power of WHO. I am excited now what my future holds. I am not sure that I know exactly what my dream job is right now but I am fairly sure that this journey is going to take me there. I met with my old boss last week and gave him the book and am waiting to hear his thoughts on it. He is in my Power of WHO and has already connected me with a few others that I will be talking to.
There are a few reasons that I am writing this email.
1. I am writing this is because I want to Thank You for writing such a great book and with the amount of social networking being done on the intranet this book is so relevant to the technology that we have available to us today.
2. To find out if you have created a blog for readers where they can share their successes and pitfalls as they utilize their Power of WHO concepts.
3. To let you know that I have gone to Barnes & Noble & Borders in Manchester CT and they no longer have the book on the shelf. I will now order on the internet but sometimes there is nothing greater than the instant gratification of buying a book at the store that someone recommented.
4. I see that You do speaking events. I have many contacts in my industry that are always looking for relevant speakers for conferences. Are you part of one of the speaking bureas? The financial services industry is going through all kinds of margin compression and if there is a time that advisors need to be effecient with their business development efforts it is now. Just some thoughts on an industry that You could make a real impact on.
Certainly if I land my self back in the industry and I need a speaker Bob Beaudine would be the first I call.
Thanks for listening and I will keep you updated on my Power of Who progress. Sincerely, D Diana.

Hi D Diana,
What a great note! Thank You! The message of The Power of WHO is starting to get out there-(but it takes amazing people like u to assist) It is changing lives! I have been getting some amazing emails and endorsements all over the Globe! Some people want to write their endorsements on Amazon or Borders or Barnes and Noble sites! Great things ahead! The key is your 12-3-1!

Find them Declare Friendship Invest in them Then ASK!

You Got "Who" ™

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