Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you a Yes or No person? Take the test!

Ok, it's a Silly movie-But I liked it! Yes Man with Jim Carrey of course goes over the top on saying "Yes" to everyone. But...we all know "No" people and thats definitely Not working for them or their lives.

What if... we started saying "YES" to those we love? Actually helped them! Call it a test this weekend! You'll be amazed at the results!

Are you a "Yes" person?? Before you answer--ask yourself?
When your mate or close friends call: they're in a crisis-do you respond Yes/No?
How about simple requests-helping clean the kitchen, drop the kids at school, pick up something, give em a backrub, or just take a moment to listen? Yes/No?

Remember... "A True Friend will try to help you Right Now. When you call for help the answer is "YES!" A No Person...we know their response--they merely wish you well."

Unleash The Power of WHO in your friends & family’s lives today!
"YES!" is the New NO!

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