Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bob Beaudine/Baylor Head Basketball Coach Scott Drew on CBN News

You may be one of the millions, desperately looking for your next career, and feeling like you're beating your head against the corporate wall.

Carolyn Castleberry of CBN News spoke with one of the nation's top executive recruiters who says most are probably going about their job search the wrong way.
Just as some of life's greatest lessons can be learned playing sports-- character, perseverance and teamwork-- they can also be translated to finding a job. The Power of WHO!

Scott Drew and Bob Beaudine-- who placed Drew in his job as a coach at Baylor University-- have succeeded with a unique and unusual approach called "The Power of Who."

Beaudine wrote the book on it.

Unleash The Power of WHO in your friends & family’s lives today!

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