Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who? I really want to know!

Is it possible that U once dreamed of living a different life from the one you're living now but just can't remember, something for which you're uniquely and wonderfully “wired?" Many of us have gotten sidetracked and forgotten our original dream. We’re so busy just dealing with job and life issues that we can forget some of the important things so essential to who we truly are.

If this is you—STOP IMMEDIATELY--call a “Who” Friend! What’s a “Who” friend? How can they help?

1. A “Who” friend will call a halt to fearful thinking by insisting you stop listening to your own negative self-talk. In the face of those lies they will start speaking truth about your accomplishments, and the truth about the value of your dreams and goals.

2. A “Who” friend will intercept you on the dark path you’ve taken and redirect your steps back on to the path of light. They know you, care for you, and will remind you that you have a future and
a hope.

3. A “Who” friend knows your true identity and won’t let you forget it. When the “Power of Forgetfulness” tries to roll in—you need your “Who.”
The world will distract you! If you’re not careful, you will actually forget “Who you are” and end up with a second or third best identity. So:

Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?
You really want to know? Well, I believe you’re:

• A person who has a great destiny ahead!
• A Treasure chest of gifts and talents! U do 1 thing better than anyone in the world!
• A “Moment Maker”-An Unconditional Giver!
• A trusted & valued Grandpa/Grandma, Mom/Dad, Husband/Wife, Son or daughter.
• An inspirational mentor-coach-teacher-best friend-mate-counselor,& spiritual adviser.
• A Somebody! Not just Anybody!
• A Great friend! You listen, celebrate, forgive & encourage those around you.
• You’re a Lover! It’s who you are-& that includes loving yourself!

Unleash the Power of WHO in your friends & family’s lives today!
You make a Difference!

To Learn more: check out The Power of WHO

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